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Top 5 Job Interview tips

Some great advice here from the Interview guys about preparing for a job interview. I've added some further suggestions down below to each of their points.


1) Research the company and position

This should be relatively easy in this day and age, there's no excuse for not spending 30 minutes browsing the company website. If you know who will be conducting the interview you might also want to see if they are on LinkedIn. Although there is a fine line between research and stalking so put away the night vision goggles.

2) Practice makes perfect

Make sure you have given some thought to what you will say if you're asked any of these common interview questions. You could even take part in a role play exercise where a family member, a friend (or a Lover!) asks you the questions. You can practice delivering your answers, this is important because you don't want your answers to sound too scripted or robotic... Unless you are a robot. In which case go for it!

3) Prepare a few success stories you can talk about

This doesn't mean that time you drank a yard of Ale! Large projects you've worked on and are proud of, workflow suggestions you made that were taken on by the boss. Try to qualify these success stories with data if you can. How much time/money did you save the company by doing things a different way.

Try to keep examples related to the job but if you have done something worthwhile, like organising a charity event, then it could be worth throwing in there.

4) Prepare questions to ask

"Do you have any questions for us?"

If your mind goes blank at this point, then rather than saying 'no' and then staring at them with your cold, dead shark eyes, you could try:

"I did have some questions about [X] but you seem to have covered everything."

Then give yourself a mental high five for out-smarting them. But obviously it's better if you prepare several questions.

5) Tailor your answers to the company / job position

Another tip that comes down to preperation, finding out what they want and then tailor your answers so you talk about how you are exactly who they are looking for.

If you have any further tips or job interview suggestions, please leave a comment below.